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Advocates Legal Services announces the creation of the Save All Victims Equality in United States (SAVEUS) Defense Fund to fight marijuana legalization laws in United States, beginning with a legal lawsuit in Michigan.  

Victims, survivors of victims, and advocates are joining forces to fight the vast untold damages to citizens both free and imprisoned. State legalization accelerates an escalating altered state of lethality, violence, homicide, suicide, larceny, fraud, economic exploitation, sexual assault, abuse, addiction, unspeakable pain, family tragedy, absenteeism, lost productivity, educational decay, and declining life expectancy costing untold billions of dollars. We will use the law to fight this battle like our Chief Counsel, state bar Champion of Justice Awardee Jeffrey G. Nutt, who sued and won the nation's first test case under a state drug dealer liability act, as noted in the Wall Street Journal, Detroit Legal News, US Lawyers Weekly and other media.

We shall overcome the pot abuse epidemic caused by the unconstitutional marijuana industry that is sweeping the nation resulting in mental and physical bondage. United with one goal, we will set the victims of the marijuana industry free by fighting the good fight in the courts. The recent Michigan marijuana legalization ballot measures which passed after a totally incomplete and misleading public debate violate several parts of the constitution. 

The state marijuana legalization laws are voidable by court adjudication and obsolete medically based on the new FDA approved cannabis pill. These unconstitutional ballot measures cannot stand under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, the Federal Supremacy Clause,  the Federal Preemption Doctrine, and the utter failure of the state marijuana legalization laws to adhere to the strict FDA guidelines needed to protect public health and safety. reports 611 drug interactions with marijuana, including 129 "dangerous" interactions, some life-threatening, as well as over-the-counter interactions ignored by the states that legalize marijuana in violation of federal FDA laws. The state marijuana legalization process ignores the need for the cross-checks performed by licensed pharmacies to avoid harmful and potentially deadly marijuana drug interactions.

The federal Racketeering in Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and other laws used to win tobacco settlements - as well as product liability laws, professional liability laws, and the state drug dealer liability laws - must also be deployed in the courts to stop the unlawful marijuana industry and state officials who defy federal drug laws. One state agency which licensed a physician who issued more than 11,000 medical marijuana cards in one county alone - Wayne County, which Amnesty International once reported had the toughest city (Detroit) in the industrialized world for a child to be raised after the state passed the juvenile justice reform laws. Marijuana use, which under federal law is defined as "cannabis abuse", ignored by state marijuana legalization laws. 

In its battle to avoid a second "Lost Century" after the Opium Wars triggered China's first Lost Century, China properly outlawed illicit drugs including marijuana in the 1980s. Thereafter, their economy began to rival ours, positively impacting millions of children and families in their resourceful, smart nation.  A state's failure to adhere to the rule of law and the American constitutional system cannot stand. Pot legalization action under color of state law fails to protect all U.S. citizens equally, including some of the most vulnerable adult and child victims of the marijuana industry in our society today. Just ask Suzanne Elms-Barclay who lost her brilliant son, David Barclay to suicide by knife following a  psychosis, after  a marijuana withdrawal.  David Barclay was prescribed marijuana from a health care practitioner in Michigan, and committed suicide on Valentine‚Äôs Day 2017 in California.  

Advocates Legal Services fights to increase access to equal justice for all, promotes the rule of law, and protects the American constitutional system. The Michigan marijuana legalization laws violate the highest and best principles and traditions in law. The incomplete and misleading ballot measures deserve the same fate as the "separate but equal" state laws declared "inherently unequal" and "unconstitutional" by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Brown v. Board of Education decision under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution of the United States.

How do we begin this battle? Legal defense acquisition of reasonable and necessary funds.  

DONATE NOW to our 501(c)(3) tax-deductible cause here.

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Funds are needed to file a legal lawsuit in Federal Court before a potential statute of limitations expiration date.  Advocates Legal Services protects health, safety, public welfare, and access to justice in the fight against marijuana legalization. Our vision is to Save All Victims Equality in United States (SAVEUS) under the Constitution of the United States. If necessary, we will pursue justice all the way to thei highest court in the land where our Chief Counsel once served under the late United States Chief Justice Warren E. Burger.


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